March 29th PWSA Executive Council Inaugural Meeting

Attendees: Reinhard, Olson, Karlis, Mathewson, Foy

Regrets: Flanagan, Jacobs


4:01 EST Meeting Called

4:51 EST Meeting Ended

New Business

I. From the President (Reinhard)

  • The board discussed about the creation of the organization with non-profit status to validate future dues. The board agreed this should be explored in the future to seek out 501c status. Since the organization is international, the question of where the dues would go was also discussed.
  • The board also discussed the possibility for a conference/symposium, whether it be virtual or physical. Piggybacking off PCA might be the most viable option, and PCA’s Interest groups are another avenue that was discussed.
  • The possibility  of having a physical conference maybe 10 years from now on WrestleMania weekend, the Chicago conference, San Diego Comic Con.
  • Perhaps a conference using Second Life with avatars in the ring was another conference the week before WrestleMania was also discussed.

    II. From Vice President (Karlis)

  • Karlis provided an update on outreach to promote organization with a faculty membership drive by making sure all of the major academic associations are covered by us. Karlis will also coordinate with Lowery on the effort.
  • It was also discussed Karlis would help coordinate social media efforts, as well.

    III. From Membership Office and Treasurer (Lowery)

  • Creation of listserv for member sign-ups
  • PWSA podcast (Include questions on membership survey)

    IV. From Chief Website/Blog Editor (Mathewson)

  • A survey for members for website/blog redesign (Include questions on membership survey, but first go to executive committee, managing co-editor, editorial board, etc.) will be conducted.

    V. From Chief Journal Editor (Foy)

  • Update on journal creation (Virtual first, then one day in print?)
  • Link off Website such as MPCA model?
  • Start the call in spring. Start annually and then decide. Maybe have journal coincide with virtual conference.

   VI. From Member-at-Large (Jacobs) and Non-Academic Representative (Flanagan)

  • Recruitment efforts
    • From Luke: In terms of non-academic progress, initial contact has been made between the members of the recruitment committee. It has not gone much further, as of yet. I will be going on Easter break from Friday afternoon so will devote some time over the coming weeks to sketching out a strategy going forward. I am attending an independent wrestling show in Brighton on 12 April and a Canadian Studies conference in London on 13 April so these maybe avenues where I can make some headway. Please send any other ideas along with any meeting minutes my way post-meeting so I can get actioning any ideas etc.
    • Target Independent Promotions for diverse membership
    • Find out what schools and instructors are teaching professional wrestling courses
    • 30-second ad on podcast
    • Use executive titles in our email signatures

   VII. From Student Representative (Olson)

  • Recruitment efforts
      • Distribute fliers at college campuses
      • Discussion with committee over this summer to plan drive for start of academic year

Proposals for Next Steps

  • Processes for completing tasks
  • Deadlines for completing tasks

Executive Board is to meet virtually meet four times a year (January, April, August, November)